Man Passed Out After Holiday Party

Hangovers have been plaguing human beings since we discovered how to make alcohol.  For nearly as long, there have been a number of sure-fire remedies touted by many.  We usually get them from our ancestors.  My grandfather, for instance, swore by a mixture of raw eggs and Tabasco sauce.  We could usually observe a markedly better mood in him after an hour or so.  Did it actually work though?  Many hangover cures call for eggs and it seems that hangover remedies containing eggs do work.

What is it about eggs that make them great cures?

It's all about the protein.  Excessive alcohol consumption wreaks havoc in the body.  It causes dehydration, damages cells, and can put the liver and kidneys into an overload situation they can't handle well.  Protein, as the body's primary building block, is required the day after to repair all the damage.  Eggs contain a protein that is easy for the body to digest which makes them an ideal protein source to help cure a hangover.

What is the "hair of the dog", and is it one of the hangover remedies that works?

The "hair of the dog" is part of a longer saying, "the hair of the dog that bit you."  It means to have another alcoholic beverage the morning after imbibing too much.  This particular cure isn't a cure so much as it is a bandage for the problem.  Even then, it doesn't work for everyone.  Sometimes it can exacerbate the hangover and make it so much worse than it was to begin with.

What is it that makes avocados a good hangover cure?

Avocados contain quite a bit of protein, just as eggs do, but they're a little easier on a roiling stomach.  When suffering from a hangover, the cures that work the best are the ones with the highest amount of protein.  Because avocados are slightly easier to digest than eggs, they may be better for some people, especially when dealing with a really bad hangover.  Another property that avocados have is that they are a powerful antioxidant.

As such, they can help clean out the harmful things left behind by over-consumption of alcohol.  All that needs to be done is a little slicing and a little washing before eating and that hangover could be a thing of the past.  There are other antioxidants that make for great remedies too.  Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are other excellent choices of antioxidants that aren't too hard on the stomach while suffering from a hangover.

What is the best out of all the hangover remedies?

Some remedies taste awful, like raw eggs and Tabasco sauce.  Other remedies are easier to stomach, like berries or avocado.  However, the absolute best of the cures for a hangover is actually prevention.  When drinking excessive amounts of alcohol, the liver has a hard time processing it all.  In order to counteract this difficulty that the liver has, there are two options.

One of the remedies for preventing a hangover is to drink a lot of water while drinking.  A rule of thumb to follow is that for every eight ounce drink containing alcohol, a person should drink eight ounces of water.  The second of the preventative remedies for a hangover is to simply not drink that much, if you're going to have any at all.

Last Updated: Monday, July 9, 2012