Woman Sleeping in a Bed

Sound sleep is an important part of a healthy life. In order to plan a healthy lifestyle, we need to respect our sleeping time table. Most people, due to work and odd work hours, keep missing sleep and confuse their sleep patterns. This is not good for your health. For ensuring and maintaining good health, it is of great importance that you maintain your sleeping patterns and never cut back on your sleeping time. Having sleep deprivation or disturbance in your sleep patterns can cause problems like restlessness, tiredness, confusion and inattentiveness.

In order to have good health, we need to get a good night’s rest. If you don’t rest, then your body starts rebelling against you. Furthermore, regular disturbances in your sleep pattern may cause other health problems as well. A good sleep also helps in having a good digestive system. The food we eat and our nutritional status is deeply connected to our sleep. It has been observed that sleeping in specific positions can help in aiding our digestion process. Here we share some of the best sleeping positions that help in good digestion.

Sleep on Your Left

Always sleep on your left side to aid in better digestion. Sleeping on your left side helps in the removal of stomach acid in a proper way. It is found that people who constantly sleep on their right side complain of various digestion related problems like gas, heartburn, flatulence, GERD and acidity. While there may be other factors which may have caused these problems, sleeping on the wrong side just intensifies these problems.

Keep Your Head Slightly Raised

When sleeping, keep your head raised 4 - 6 inches high from the bed.  This will allow gravity to keep your stomach acid and gas from moving up your digestive tract and causing problems in your stomach and esophagus. Avoid using two pillows for raising your head as this may hurt your neck, back or shoulders. Instead of this you can use a folded towel on a single pillow, or get a jumbo sized pillow or neck pillow for support while sleeping.

Pillow Between Your Legs

Placing a cushion or pillow between your knees or legs helps to keep your body aligned, improves circulation and reduces pressure.  All of these benefits can help your body move food and waste through your gastrointestinal tract easier without encountering any pressure or blockage that could slow the process down. If you tend to sleep on your back instead of on your side, you can still use a pillow and fold it in half or use a body pillow to get into a sleeping position which is very conducive for good digestion.

Don't Eat Before Sleeping

You should have your last meal of food at least 2 - 4 hours before you go to sleep. Our digestion process works best when we are either standing or sitting. It ensures more active blood circulation and utilization of energy. So sleeping right after you ate isn’t a good idea at all. You should also have a small meal rather than a big meal before going to bed. The main reason being that a big meal puts a burden or your digestive system and the food may not get fully or properly digested. Therefore, it is always advised to have smaller meals. For better digestion, before sleeping, one should not consume food items like coffee, soda, peppermint, alcohol, chocolate and spicy foods. Since they are food stimulants, it is better not to have them just before bedtime when you are trying to get some rest. They also aggravate heartburn.

Getting a good sleep is always important for people, especially those suffering from digestive ailments. This is the only way to ensure not only a good digestive system, but also better overall health.

Last Updated: Saturday, October 22, 2011